Saturday fun

Great success for the spectacular Marathon

What a great success the spectacular Marathon became!
Around 20 000 people were in Slottsskogen City Park to support and watch the exciting obstacle course today. With full speed and totally focused the drivers all fought well.
Standings Team: Netherlands, Germany and Belgium
Standings Individual: Ijsbrand Chardon, Edouard Simonet, Christoph Sandmann
Full results here:

First up this morning was Lövsta Future Challenge International, U25 Jumping. Nine teams started in the first round of the team competition on Thursday and the six best teams went on to round number two today. The Swedish U25 team did a nice follow up of the senior team’s silver medal last night and won the team competition in Lövsta Future Challenge International Jumping. Karin Martinsen/Quantos and Irma Karlsson/Ida vd Bisschop did two super rounds each and beat the European team.

The individual competition, U25 Dressage, Lövsta Future Challenge International, was won by Juan Matute Guimón for the second day in a row. He did an absolutely beautiful performance and seemed really pleased afterwards.
Results here U25 Jumping and Dressage here:

In the afternoon it’s was time for the Freestyle. Many beautiful performances, especially from the Queen herself, Isabell Werth and the rising stars Therese Nilshagen and Cathrine Dufour. Many congratulations to Isabell for her beautiful communication with her horse and another well-earned gold medal.

Last but not least there was an International Jump-off in the evening.

Tomorrow we’re in for a treat when the Individual Jumping final is coming up. Right now Peder Fredricson in in the lead followed by Martin Fuchs and Shane Sweetnam.