The exciting Driving events have free entry at Heden Arena and in Slottsskogen City Park. In the Driving discipline, the driver sits on a carriage drawn by a team of four horses. This discipline has three phases – dressage, marathon and obstacle cone Driving– and the European Champion title is awarded both to a team and an individual. Bring your family and friends to experience the thrill of the contest first hand.



As in the ridden dressage, Driving dressage is about obedience and looseness. In the dressage phase, contestants must perform a set program using the gaits walk and trot. In the dressage trial, the judges also assess the condition of the horse and carriage and the driver’s and grooms’ clothing. They should look neat and tidy and the equipment should be shiny. The dressage competition takes place at Heden.


The final part of the competition, obstacle cone Driving, takes place on a marked course of cones with balls on top. The round is timed and none of the balls must fall off. This phase requires great precision and nerves of steel. If a ball falls off, a time fault will be given. The winner is the team with the fewest faults. The obstacle cone Driving competition takes place at Heden.


The marathon competition starts at Heden Arena in central Gothenburg. The teams race along a course through the city centre, finishing up in Slottsskogen City Park. After taking a quick rest, the team set off on the 8 kilometre marathon course through the park. The competitors drive cross country between set obstacles and are judged on strength, speed and flexibility. The teams must pass through obstacles that include special gates. The timing starts when the team enter the obstacle and ends when they pass through the exit gate. The collaboration between the driver and the two grooms is crucial. The grooms sit on the back of the carriage and make sure the time is kept and the carriage does not roll over. The fastest team wins.