In the Jumping events at Ullevi, European Championship titles will be awarded both to individual competitors and national teams. Every nation can enter the championships with one team of four riders, and the winning national team will be announced on the Friday. The individual European Jumping champion will be awarded on the final day of the championships.



All participants will enter the first individual Jumping round. Faults result in a time penalty, which is added to the rider’s total time in the next round.


Team 1 is the first Jumping round, in which all four riders in the team take part. The team’s three best results are counted. Team 2 is a second Jumping round. The teams’ result from the previous day are added to the result of the second round, and the team with the lowest score is the winner. In the event of a tie, each team selects a rider and all the teams’ selected riders compete in a final deciding round.


The 25 most successful riders compete in an individual final. This final consists of two **initial rounds, and the rider with the fewest faults wins the title of individual European Jumping champion. In the event of a tie, an additional round is held to decide the winner.


All the championship participants are entitled to bring an extra horse, provided it is qualified to compete in the championships. Many riders choose to bring a younger horse which is being prepared to compete in future championships. This allows the younger horse to experience the championship environment.

How are faults calculated?
Knocking down an obstacle/stepping in the water = 4 penalties
First disobedience = 4 penalties
Second disobedience = elimination
Fall of horse and rider/fall of rider = elimination
Time fault first round – for every fourth commenced second of overtime = 1 penalty
Time fault timed jump-off – for every started second of overtime = 1 penalty
For the championship classes in Jumping, the maximum height is 1.60 m.