A sustainable event

The Longines FEI European Championships 2017 will reflect the City of Gothenburg’s high ambitions for sustainability. Our aim is to make the championships socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. In order to succeed, we must maintain a continuous dialogue with visitors, volunteers, active participants, partners/sponsors and suppliers.

Gothenburg is ranked number one in the Global Destination Sustainability Index, an index that compares cities around the world who arrange meeting and events. For Gothenburg, a city with a rich history of arranging major events, sustainable events are of the utmost importance. The Longines FEI European Championships 2017 is no exception, and the city’s high ambitions in regards to sustainability, both environmentally, socially and economically, will play a huge role in how the event is carried out.

More specifically, it means that we aim create a sustainable and modern event where we minimize the negative impacts on the environment and the citizens of Gothenburg. It also means that will take great care in making sure that the horses wellbeing is promoted, and that we contribute positively to society, our stakeholders and the local economy.

Our vision is to give you one of Europe’s most sustainable sports- and entertainment experiences in 2017.

There are five different focus areas

Social, welcoming and inclusive
The European Championships will be welcoming and give easy access to everyone regardless of their previous knowledge, interests and conditions.
One important aspect within the focus area is friendly, helpful and respectful treatment to all and accessibility for everyone. Regardless if you have impaired hearing or vision, are in a wheel chair, or have difficulties moving, we want you to feel welcome to the event.

Food and beverage
The European Championships will offer everyone a sustainable and varied selection of food and beverage
Food and beverage has a major impact on the environment and it is a big part of the experience of the event, therefore it is one of our main focus areas.

Resource and waste management
The European Championships will minimize the impact on the environment by conscious and considerate resource and waste management.
We will accomplish this by the economizing of resources, making conscious choices and by finding smart solutions. We will also take care of the waste in a responsible way.

The climate challenge
The European Championships will actively work to minimize the events climate emissions.
Efforts will be made within this area to minimize emissions and pollution from travels and transports.

The European Championships will provide a short- and long term positive effect on society, the destination and the equestrian sport, internationally, national, regional and locally.
In simple terms, this means to make use of the events potential and to make sure that what is left behind will be taken care of in a responsible way.

Environmentally certified
The European Championships is environmentally certified according to the Swedish Environmental Base standard. This means that we shall implement around 50 actions to reduce negative impact on the environment and be socially responsible. This also means that we urge our partners to act in a sustainable way.